Already, elders drawn from Somali community of Kenya have reportedly crossed over the border to negotiate for the release of the doctors. KDF has been carrying out air surveillance in a bid to rescue the medics.
Cuban Doctors Landy Rodriguez Hernandez and Dr Assel Herrera Correa reportedly sighted alive in the forested Halaanqo area near Barawe four days after their capture," RTN Somali TV reported in a tweet.
The TV station widely broadcasts in Nairobi and Mogadishu and is among the leading media station reporting in Somali language after the BBC Somali Service. The station did not however give further details.
While it's not clear which forces located them in the town which is found at porous Gedo region, KDF team has been leading surveillance to locate the two medics. Nairobi is yet to give the true position on the latest update but the news would be a major milestone in the ongoing rescue mission.
A driver attached to the two doctors was held for another 15 days following request by detectives. Sources indicate that he may have been in contact with assailants, who also killed a security officer attached to the team.