Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Program Management for Development Professionals (Program DPro) Course!

 How do you manage a group of projects to get greater impact and control? 

We will work with participants to understand the challenges they face and give them the advice, tools, and guidance and assist them in more effectively fulfilling their role, whether at the local, regional, or international levels.

 Program DPro is a globally recognized program management certification for development and relief professionals. This course gives you the skills you need to effectively design, plan and implement programs through their entire life cycle.

Providing Institution

Pyramid Learning (USA) provides engaging and scalable learning for humanitarian relief and development practitioners. They work with individuals and organizations – delivering online and face-to-face courses, designing custom courses, such as PMD Pro [Now, Project DPro], MEAL DPro, FMD Pro, Program DPro developing credentials, and facilitating learning events. 

Its mission is to make quality learning appropriate, accessible, and actionable. To help those doing good, do even better.

All their products and services are designed to be accessible, appropriate, and actionable. They prioritize practical skills and tools while providing easy-to-deploy learning systems that can be used to upskill a single team or scaled to support a whole organization.

About the Instructor

John Cropper has an MBA and MA in Education and is passionate about the ability of effective and efficient program management to make the world a better place and he actively looks to collaborate with anyone who shares these goals.

Over the last twenty-five years, he has worked in multiple program roles in NGOs –including positions as Program Director for Oxfam GB in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean; Global Program Manager for a gender and governance program & running Oxfam’s project management systems globally. He helped write PMD Pro. He is a Chair of PM4NGOs and led the development of Program DPro.

He has worked on project management capacity-building initiatives for more than thirty INGOs, local NGOs, UN agencies, and other development organizations.

Course Schedule & Time-line

Starting date: May 31 – June 27, 2021

During the course, participants will learn to:

  • Understand the Program DPro phases including the disciplines and principles.
  • Explain how projects, programs, and portfolio interact
  • Understand the relationships between projects, programs, and theories of change
  • Articulate the complete scope of a program, including project and non-project work and inter-project dependencies
  • Practice program planning and understand how to stage planning works at the program and project level
  • Map out the stages of a program
  • Establish a culture of effective project management across the program.
  • Ensure the programs and projects are well-governed
  • Understand the importance of issue and change management across the program
  • Develop action plans to improve management of existing programs
  • During the course, participants will cover everything they need to succeed in the Program DPro exam.

Course Fee 
Individual participants would pay $125 for the course including local coaching, virtual or face-to-face based on the situation.
NB: There is still a chance to book the course for $100 only, but there will be no extra help or coaching. You will simply be purchasing the generic, open course.

Course Certificate
Everyone who successfully completes the course will receive a certificate of attendance issued by Pyramid Learning. Everyone who passes the Program DPro exam will also receive the Program DPro certification.

Program DPro Exam

Program D Pro is a globally recognized program management certification for development professionals. This online course prepares learners to take the Program D Pro Certification Exam. 

Please note: The course fee does not include the cost of the exam, and it is not administered at the end of the course.  You can arrange to take the exam online at any time, with costs starting from as little as $40. More information can be found here..

For more Information
In case you may need additional details about the course offering and registration, please contact us at or, similarly, you can call Dr. Mohamed Y. Dualeh at this number +252 63 4417945 for further inquiries.

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