Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Qatar Red Crescent Society deploys surgical convoy to Somalia

 Doha: In cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Somalia, Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has launched a medical surgery for general and ENT surgery in Somalia.

At the cost of $150,023 (QR 547,584), this project is part of the year-round medical convoys program implemented by QRCS in poor countries to bridge the gap in resources required to provide adequate health care services for their populations.

The 15-day project aims to provide surgical services for patients with critical cases by hiring highly experienced surgeons from the country to perform general and ENT surgeries at the De Martini General Hospital in Banaadir, Somalia.

According to the action plan, the project involves performing surgeries for 200 poor patients, supplying some medical equipment for the host hospital to continue offering high-quality medical services after the project, and training the hospital’s local medical professionals as extra practice to improve their proficiency and ensure continuity of service in the target regions.

A team consisting of a general surgeon, ENT surgeon, anaesthetist, and perioperative nurse was deployed. So far, they have performed 79 clinical examinations and 24 operations, with two referrals to specialized centres for pathology tests.

Somalia lacks specialised medical services, particularly in general and ENT surgery. As a result, many people suffer health issues, especially those affected by conflict zones in Mogadishu and the outskirts.

In response to this humanitarian emergency, QRCS’s representation mission in Somalia launched this surgical convoy, hiring foreign surgeons to work with the local physicians to treat beneficiaries.



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