Gambian lawmaker and Presidential candidate who refused to seek medical treatment abroad had a successful surgery

 A lawmaker identified as honorable Halifa Sallah, who trusted Gambian doctors and refused to seek medical treatment abroad after suffering from a very delicate health condition reportedly had a successful surgery.

The lawmaker who underwent series of surgeries sustained eye injuries in an accident earlier in the year 2016 following the coalition preparations. This situation called for an urgent medical treatment.

Instead of resorting to the usual wasteful venture of medical tourism which is typical of almost all African politicians, Honorable Halifa demanded to be treated at home.

According to local reports, the first surgery was conducted in 2016 but there was a further sequela from the earlier trauma, demanding a second surgery to restore his eyesight.

With a team including Dr. Abba Hydara who is a senior consultant ophthalmic surgeon, Mrs Isatou Taal, Senior Ophthalmic Medical Assistant who doubles as the in Charge of the SZRECC Eye Theatre and Dawda Kairaba EK Sarr, SRN/Ophthalmic Nurse and others, the lawmaker was successfully treated.

His show of trust in the Gambian medical doctors and system has since won the hearts of many people who perceive him as someone who is worth leading the country. Some locals believe that, when given the chance, the lawmaker who doubles as a presidential candidate could invest heavily in the health sector to save lives.



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