Project Management for Development Professionals (Project DPro) Course- for 1 Month only!

 Project DPro is a globally recognized project management certification for development and humanitarian relief professionals. This course gives you the skills you need to manage projects through their entire project cycle, helping you successfully deliver your project on scope, on time, and on budget.

This course will give you an opportunity to join a community of almost 30K development professionals in 168 countries, who have been through the project Project DPro certification scheme.

Institutional Background

Pyramid Learning (USA) provides engaging and scalable learning for humanitarian relief and development practitioners. They work with individuals and organizations – delivering online and face-to-face courses, designing custom courses, such as PMD Pro [Now, Project DPro], MEAL DPro, FMD Pro, Program DPro developing credentials, and facilitating learning events. 

Their mission is to make quality learning appropriate, accessible, and actionable. To help those doing good, do even better.

All their products and services are designed to be accessible, appropriate, and actionable. They prioritize practical skills and tools while providing easy-to-deploy learning systems that can be used to upskill a single team or scaled to support a whole organization.

About the Instructor

John Cropper has an MBA and MA in Education and is passionate about the ability of effective and efficient program management to make the world a better place and he actively looks to collaborate with anyone who shares these goals.

Over the last twenty-five years, he has worked in multiple program roles in NGOs –including positions as Program Director for Oxfam GB in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean; Global Program Manager for a gender and governance program & running Oxfam’s project management systems globally. He helped write PMD Pro. He is a Chair of PM4NGOs and led the development of Program DPro.

He has worked on project management capacity building initiatives for more than thirty INGOs, local NGOs, UN agencies, and other development organizations.

Course Schedule & Time-line

Starting date: January, 4th – January. 31, 2020

The course is approximately 5-8 hours per week over 4 weeks – there are many learning styles and some people prefer to take longer. 

Project DPro online courses introduce learners to the tools, processes, and systems that development and relief professionals can use to manage projects more effectively and with greater impact.

Learning topics include:

  • Develop realistic project designs
  • Identify, analyze, and engage stakeholders
  • Elaborate project scope
  • Plan effectively and develop realistic schedules
  • Understand the role that effective project governance plays
  • Identify, assess and respond to project risks
  • Plan and organize project implementation
  • Proactively manage issues and changes to deliver on time, on budget, and on the scope
  • Monitor, evaluate, and control project activity
  • Define responsibilities for your project team
  • Close down projects successfully
  • Know which tools can be applied immediately to projects
  • Know where to continue to learn more about project management.

Course Fee 
Individual participants would pay $125 for the course including local coaching, virtual or face-to-face based on the situation.
NB: There is still a chance to book the course for $100 only, but there will be no extra help or coaching. You will simply be purchasing the generic, open course.

Course Certificate
Everyone who successfully completes the course will receive a certificate of attendance issued by Pyramid Learning. Everyone who passes the Project DPro exam will also receive the Project DPro certification.

PMD Pro-I Certification Exam
Project DPro is a globally recognized project management certification for development professionals.

Learners can take the Project DPro Foundation Certification Exam on the final day of the course or any time they feel fully prepared at their own arrangement. A laptop is required to sit the online exam with costs starting from as little as $22. More information can be found here.

For more Information
In case you may need additional details about the course offering and registration, please contact us at or, similarly, you can call Dr. Mohamed Y. Dualeh at this number +252 63 4417945 for further inquiries.
Official website:  

Thank you


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