Ethiopia to begin manufacture and export of COVID-19 test kits

 East African nation of Ethiopia has announced that it will begin the manufacture of COVID-19 test kits for export to African nations with China’s help.

This was announced by the Ethiopian Ministry of Health earlier this week. Ethiopia’s deputy State Health minister, Dereje Duguma, announced that the Chinese government is working with the Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed and production is expected to commence this month.

The Minister added that Ethiopia will stop the import of test kits into the country, and will in the nearest future export the manufactured test kits to other African nations. Ethiopia has already tested over 1 million people and had confirmed 58,672 cases of the virus by September 9, including 21,307 recoveries and 918 deaths.

Health Minister, Leah Tadesse thanked Ethiopia’s health workers for working tirelessly across the country’s 52 coronavirus testing centers.

As we pass one million tests, I would like to sincerely thank all our health workers working tirelessly, particularly those working as sample collectors, our lab technicians, rapid response teams, contact tracers, logistic teams, drivers and all coordinators and leaders of all labs and facilities across the country, she said.

China has been working closely with the country and recently donated for the 3rd time 500,000 surgical masks and 10,000 pieces of protective medical gear.


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