Fundamentals of Global Health Research Course by University of Washington (USA)

Fundamentals of Global Health Research: Planning, implementation and dissemination is designed to train participants in the development and conduct of research globally, with an emphasis on low resource settings.  

Course applications closes 25 February 2020
This Course will start in 13 April 2020 and end in 28 June 2020

Target Audience
 Although previous research experience is not required, this course may be challenging for someone who does not have strong writing skills, is not prepared to start developing independent research ideas, or begin writing grant proposals.

To be admitted to the course, you must have a Bachelor’s-level degree or equivalent and experience in a health-related field.
This online graduate-level course has video lectures, readings, discussion forums, quizzes, and assignments. You can participate in this course as an independent participant or as part of a site with five or more people. 
We encourage participation as a group because it provides a forum for discussing course concepts and applying them to the local setting and customs. The course is taught in English. 
 The following list of topics will be covered in the course (but not in this particular order).
1) Successful grant writing
Hypothesis and aims
Research approach
Research budget
Critical grant
components and
letters of support
Grant peer review
Other grant types
2) Support
3) Designing studies
Study types
Qualitative research
Stats and sample size
4) Ethics
Principles of ethical
5) Data management
Data analysis plans
Study design
instruments (including
ODK and REDCap)
Qualitative data
collection and analysis
Writing qualitative
Data organization and
flow charts
6) Disseminating research
Oral presentations
Publishing (finding the
right journals, open
access and fees,
predatory publishing)
Manuscript writing
7) Budget and grant management

8) Manuscript development and presentation skills

9)  Proposal writing

10) Presentation skills
It was created to provide participants anticipating a research-oriented career with the tools they need to develop and design a research study, write a successful proposal, and conduct research independently in an international setting.
11) Site Meetings
We also recommend having the participants share one or two things they hope to get out of the course and what experience they have with:
Writing research grants
Managing data (such as collecting or analyzing data)
Writing and submitting manuscripts
Giving a poster presentation at a conference
Giving an oral presentation at a conference
  Proposed activities are listed below (however the order may change). If you choose to meet
fewer than weekly, you can pick which activities to do.

Course Fee

Applicants should note that, the cost of the program is so because of the country we find ourselves, those who do the program here in Seattle USA pay thousand and something dollars, the cost you will be enjoying cannot be compared to other local universities here in Somalia/Somaliland which is more higher.

For those who successfully completed the course will receive a formal printed Certificate of Completion on vellum paper with University of Washington seal mailed to them. 
Sample- Certificate of completion
We will ship them all together to your Site Coordinator for distribution.
Further Information
Any additional inquiry and clarifications about this program you should contact Dr. Mohamed Y. Dualeh, MD via his email: and if possible discourse with his phonephone:(+252 63 4417945 by texting him in WattsApp) regarding how to register, getting an assistance in application process while he is exercising as a local resource for our participants acting as Site Coordinator, HeSMA SOM, Somalia, UW Global Health Department.

Official website of the University of Washington Department of Global Health E-learning:  

PS: We are currently running Project Management in Global Health Course and Introduction to Epidemiology Course

 Similarly, we will be also offering another 2 courses in these Global Health series named Clinical Management of HIV and Leadership and Management in Health concurrently.

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